Clean Enough by Katzie Guy-Hamilton

Talk about gourmet done easy! This wonderful book not only has amazing food photography that had me drooling, but I found the recipes to be delicious and easy to make!

I love to cook and experimenting with new flavors and I was able to replicate the dishes and add my own twist to some to sate the other pallets I have in the house!

Clean eating with yummy dishes, desserts and smoothies will get you feeling and looking great before summer!

Redefine clean eating with over 100 whole-food, vegetarian savories and sweets that nourish your body and mind—every day

It seems that every day a new superfood or gadget promises to be the key to making healthy eating a reality. Ditch the trends and get back to basics with this comprehensive guide to cooking with simple, whole ingredients that don’t require sacrificing flavor or satisfaction—including the often taboo category of dessert.

Here are over 100 inspiring recipes that make real foods—from greens and grains to chocolate and cream—sing, with methods and combinations perfect for whipping up on a weekday night, leisurely preparing on weekends with plenty of leftovers, or impressing guests with at a dinner party.

From energizing the day with a Green Pow Wow Smoothie, munching on Luxury Granola at the office or on your sofa, savoring a crisp bite of Charred Broccoli with Poached and Crispy Miso Sweet Potatoes, or indulging in a slice of Pan di Spagna, this refreshing approach to health proves that eating clean enough is the key to satisfaction at every meal.