Book Review – Mentoring Darkness by David Ring III

“A fast-paced urban fantasy novella with gripping characters that will leave you spellbound.” 

It took Leo Anstrom years to overcome his abusive childhood. But by his senior year in college, he had learned to become normal. When Nick Meyer, a troubled high school student, showed up at his door looking like a 40 year old man, he couldn’t resist taking him under his wing. 

Then Leo’s best friend mysteriously disappears. 

Despite feeling that something horrible had happened to her, despite knowing that something odd was going on between her and Nick, Leo continues to mentor him.

But was this a mistake that would cost him his life?

My Thoughts

It was too short! I thought it was a great read, fast-paced, quick, but it went by in a blur. 

I prefer to have my suspicions but not to actually know early on and with I knew too soon. Even though, it was revealed too early, the rest of the book became difficult to stay with. I think this would have been rectified had it been a little longer, allowing the story to unfurl with more detail. 

Other than that, I’m glad I read it! I enjoyed the author’s writing and would love to see more! 

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